Web Application Firewall (WAF) Security Solution

There’s really only one way to reliably protect internal and external applications, whether they’re deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and that’s a WAF.

WAFs are borne out of the desire to keep security close to the app to protect against cyber threats to your data and ensure constant app integrity and availability—whether in the data center or in the cloud.

Standing up a WAF in front of a legacy app to mitigate vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, SQL injection attacks, and sensitive data exposure is often a better route to securing code and meeting compliance standards such as PCI-DSS than actually fixing the code. Plus, it gives security operations teams breathing room to put long-term measures in place.

We back our WAF.

Tuning and keeping security policies current typically means some degree of reliance on your WAF vendor and third-party help. At F5, we have research groups focused on studying emerging attack vectors to help make sure you’re protected against the latest web application threats.

Find the WAF solution that’s right for your business.

F5 gives you WAF options recognized by independent analysts for their power and value. With F5’s application focus, Layer 7 protection expertise, bot detection and behavioral analysis capabilities, you get the power and flexibility to cover a broader range of threats.

With compliance, integrations, and dynamic learning, F5’s WAF also offers you choices from self-managed to fully managed and a range of deployment options from on-premises to private and public cloud, so you can choose the best match for your business.

F5 WAF solutions offer

  • Advanced bot detection, brute-force attack protection, andLayer 7 DoS mitigation.
  • Visibility and reporting enables administrators to manage and improve the performance of the WAF and to quickly respond to new or ongoing attacks.
  • Dynamic learning and site-wide behavioral analysis.
  • Visibility into HTTP and WebSocket traffic (to catch threats that blend in with normal traffic across all the input paths of a modern web app).
  • Compliance with regulatory standards like FFIEC, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS via pre-configured security profiles.
  • Integration with third-party dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools for virtual patching.
  • Geolocation and IP intelligenceidentifies and blocks or limits known malicious hosts and regions.
  • User-defined, programmable, request, response, and event handling with iRules.
  • Protocol adherence enforcement and filtering.
  • Proactive bot defense and client-side integrity defense identifies and limits or blocks suspicious clients and headless browsers.
  • Consistent security serviceswhether apps are hosted on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Azure Security Center integrationfor rapid and simple setup in Azure cloud environments.


Silverline™ Web Application Firewall

Get Expert Service to Protect Web Applications and Achieve Compliance

Organizations that move application workloads to the cloud face challenges protecting enterprise data. As security attacks across traditional and cloud environments become more sophisticated, in-house security teams often struggle to stay up to date on the latest attacks and protection measures, and deliver consistent policies and compliance across environments. A lack of consistency can result in security vulnerabilities, higher expenses, and a slower response to threats and compliance issues. F5® Silverline® Web Application Firewall is a cloud-based service with 24x7x365 support from highly specialized security experts. It helps organizations protect web applications and data, and enable compliance with industry security standards, such as PCI DSS. Silverline Web Application Firewall is available as a fully managed service for comprehensive and customized app protection, or as an express self-service for rapid deployment of expertly maintained policies.

Managed service key benefits

  • Ensure application security and compliance Get comprehensive protection from advanced layer 7 attacks, OWASP Top Ten application security risks, and zero-day attacks—and enable compliance with key regulatory mandates.
  • Get 24x7x365 expert service Receive 24x7x365 access to web application firewall (WAF) experts who build, proactively monitor, and fine-tune WAF policies against known and emerging threats.
  • Deploy flexibly across hybrid environments Ensure consistent web application security, availability, and user experiences across traditional and cloud data centers.
  • Defend with proven security effectiveness Leverage security efficacy with technology built on the NSS Labs–recommended F5 BIG-IP® Application Security Manager™ (ASM), based on tests that demonstrate 99.89 percent overall security effectiveness.
  • Drive operational and cost efficiencies Remove the complexity of WAF management, increase the speed to deploy new policies, and decrease operational expenses.
  • Gain attack insights and intelligence Access reports through the cloud-based customer portal and incorporate external intelligence for securing apps against identified threats.

Drive Efficiencies with a Comprehensive Web Application Firewall Service

The growth of cloud-hosted web applications has been accompanied by increasingly sophisticated security attacks and risks that threaten enterprise data. As a result, administrators and security teams face challenges keeping up to date on the latest attacks and protection measures. At the same time, they must meet the stringent compliance requirements for online commerce and data sharing across traditional and cloud environments. Organizations must choose between employing specialized IT security teams in-house— resulting in higher expenses and increased time to deploy policies—or delegating the complex WAF policy management and compliance to a cloud service to drive efficiencies.


The Silverline Web Application Firewall service protects web applications no matter where the app is hosted—in the private cloud, the public cloud, or a physical data center.

Receive Expert Policy Building and Monitoring

Websites are diverse, complex, and constantly changing—requiring policies with hundreds if not thousands of clear and precise rules. The Silverline Web Application Firewall managed service includes the highest level of service in the industry with F5 Security Operations Center (SOC) experts who manage policy changes while balancing the strictest security controls with legitimate user access. Unlike other WAF service vendors that provide self-service capabilities and expect the customers to handle most of the configurations and policy management, the F5 SOC experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. These experts build, monitor, and fine-tune policies to protect web applications and data from new and emerging threats.

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