Customize the monitoring system according to customers.

  NETWORK MONITORING SOFTWARE WILL HELP YOU TO OPTIMIZE YOUR NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE *** Customize the system according to customers *** Contact :  Easily Monitor the Availability & Performance of network devices.  Laggar Single NMS Datasheet  Performance and availability monitoring. Agentless monitoring. Centralized management system through the network from the center to branch. Integrated database, mail[…]

Develop a notification system.

Develop a notification system : Emergency RTP 191 , Crime System , Disaster Alert System , Fraud Complaints System , Governance System , Hotline System etc.. Support integrate to Existing Call Center System. Can develop and extend to the IP Contact Center System. Can develop code to connect with customer hardware , customer system ,[…]

Authentication System Development

Authentication System Development Develop Self Registration System Integrate Authentication with Firewall or Wireless Controller Devices. (Palo Alto , Fortinet , Dell) Alert Incident/Event on Line Group SMS One Time Password (OTP) System Develop Web Portal Traffic Utilization Information / Graphs. Alarm Devices or Interfaces Status Log & Report Authentication & Accounting Registered Customize the user[…]


FALTEL NETWORK MONITORING SYSTEM WILL HELP YOU TO OPTIMIZE YOUR NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE When every second of downtime can cost you thousands, if not millions of dollars, maintaining 100% uptime all the time is a necessity. Network Monitoring System will ping the monitored devices at the defined monitoring intervals, and if any device is down or[…]