Estimote Mirror – the world’s first video-enabled beacon

Estimote Mirror – It’s the world’s first video-enabled beacon.
It can not only communicate with nearby phones and their corresponding apps, but also take content from these apps and display it on any digital screen around you.

By integrating two additional ports — HDMI and USB — we extend input to any standard television screen. When connected to a TV via HDMI, Mirror reads BLE signals from nearby compatible apps or Estimote Stickers to receive content, and a programmable rendering engine decides what to display, while USB is used as an endless supply of power. And mobile developers don’t have to learn any new technology to control these large digital displays with Mirror. They can just embed our SDK into their apps so that users can trigger contextual and personalized content simply by approaching screens where Estimote Mirror is installed.

From an engineering perspective every Estimote Mirror is a tiny, powerful computer with a full-blown operating system. We embed a quad-core System-On-Chip with built-in video processing similar to the one installed in your modern smartphone. Responsive and delightful interactions are possible thanks to a uniquely optimized firmware which we build into the most powerful BLE chip available on the market. And there’s also Wi-Fi onboard for developers who want to connect to the cloud, all powered by USB, so no additional wires are required. Mirror will be compatible with Estimote Cloud and the rest of our stack and will be shipped with SDKs, documentation and demo apps exactly same way we ship our other products.