43-inch touch Screen Multipurpose Facial Recognition Smart Device with Android System

FaceKiosk-V43 อุปกรณ์จดจำใบหน้าอัจฉริยะพร้อมระบบ Android และหน้าจอสัมผัสขนาดใหญ่ 43นิ้ว


FaceKiosk-V43 , our multipurpose facial recognition smart device with android system and 43-inch touch screen in order to provide friendly and interactive user experience.

The Android operating system brings you unlimited potential to formulate you solution and FaceKiosk-V43 which designed for simple installation also provided along with a wall mount,will always best-fit in the working environment.


FaceKiosk-V43 can undergo further development and change into the best solution for time and attendance, access control, meeting assisting, self-service Kiosk. It can also change into an advertisement display panel, user may simply upload advertising photos and videos from USB drives.



FaceKiosk-V43 Functions

  • Multi-language
  • Fast verification recognition distance of 1-5 meters, simultaneous dynamic recognition of 3-5 people
  • Support as many as 10,000 facial templates and 100,000 attendance records
  • Dynamic advertisement display
  • Interactive operation experiences
  • Support TCP/IP, WIFI, USB Host, Blue-tooth
  • Enhanced security level anti-spoofing liveness detection
  • Unique registration, one facial template per user
  • Strong flexibility and adaptability in application

FaceKiosk-V43 Specification


FaceKiosk-V43 Configuration & What’s in the Box


FaceKiosk-V43 Dimension


ZKTeco FaceKiosk Series Time&Attendance Solution

ZKTeco USA Restaurant Facial Recognition Kiosk

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