ACTi Cameras for All Purposes


Cameras for All Purposes From PTZ to Covert

Standard Cameras High quality image for all applications
Standard cameras include dome, bullet, cube and box cameras with high quality fixed or vari-focal lenses and resolution up to 10 Megapixel.
Selected models include Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology for better image quality in scenes with high contrast between light and dark areas and Low Light Sensitivity (LLS) technology for clear visibility in low light conditions.
Available camera models

E77 Outdoor Parking installation in Taiwan – Day time View

Wide range of dome cameras for indoors and outdoors and selected models with built-in IR LED.

E32 Brand comparison video – Low Light Performance

Zoom Cam

Zoom Cameras 


ACTi offers the widest range of optical zoom cameras in the whole industry – domes, bullets, boxes with different sizes and zoom ratio options. All the zoom cameras come with true auto focus – extremely accurate self-focusing without requiring external PC’s support. You can manage zoom and auto focus either automatically, manually or by the event manager of the camera.


Available camera models


36x Zoom Video (ACTi Corporation)

I25 Traffic installation in Taiwan


PTZ Cameras

Pan, Tilt and Zoom for 360° coverage
PTZ cameras and Speed Domes can turn the lens to any direction and zoom in and out either automatically or by the remote manual control. All these cameras come with built-in true auto focus and event management system. Speed Dome is a special type of PTZ camera that can do 360° endless panning.
For locations requiring more compact PTZ solution, ACTi has developed Outdoor Mini PTZ product line. These models can be surface or flush mounted and come with wider viewing angles.
Available camera models
Speed Dome at the Stadium
Speed Dome I96 installed at the Stadium in France. One camera covers a wide area. Instant preset points with close-up views.


Video Management System

ACTi video management system (VMS) is a powerful, reliable and scalable solution for video surveillance and business management. It can be deployed in small projects containing only few cameras as well as large installations with thousands or cameras, access control, POS and other devices.
Software NVR Advanced solution for video surveillance and business management 
In order to address the requirements of users’ projects with the highest precision, ACTi is offering its leading video management system NVR 3 in three editions.
  • NVR 3 Standard Essential solution for video surveillance
  • NVR 3 Enterprise Advanced solution for large-scale applications
  • NVR 3 Corporate Intelligent solution for business management
    Redundancy Server Ensuring complete functionality in case of server failure
    An NVR server can serve as Redundancy Storage for other NVR servers. It records all surveillance videos directly from camera devices, logs and performs actions for real-time event notifications on behalf of the NVR server during system downtime. Authorized users may also access the Redundancy Storage when it is in use for live-monitoring or playback options.
    After the NVR server becomes available, the Redundancy Storage service will then automatically synchronize all recorded video and events back to the NVR server.
    License registration
    Purchase the redundancy storage service license from ACTi sales representative. One redundancy storage computer will require one license, which can serve maximum sixteen (16) NVR servers.
    If you are going to install the redundancy storage on a computer, please go to Download Center to download and install NVR server program on the computer.
    All NVR 3 editions (Standard, Enterprise and Corporate) support Redundancy Server function. The license ordering number is LRDS3000.


Central Management System

Manage unlimited NVR servers and cameras
Powerful tools to centrally manage NVRs and cameras in multiple locations – no matter if on different floors or different continents.
• Manage unlimited number of NVR servers
• Live view local up to 64 channels
• Synchronized playback local up to 64 channels
• Export video with RAW and AVI formats
• Event trigger, response and notification
• Mobile Client, Web Client, Workstation
• Location-based management with eMap
• TV Wall support by additional software license
 Special Features2017-06-04_15-27-38
Solution Architecture

TV Wall Notice every critical moment

In a video surveillance deployment, especially with hundreds or thousands of cameras monitoring vast areas, it is ideal for the control center to employ a TV Wall display system. ACTi TV Wall offers the control center with excellent overview monitoring and provides high video quality with finest details.
With the help of ACTi TV Wall, the system operator no longer needs to scale down video resolution or switch between layouts on one screen. ACTi TV Wall enables multiple views to be displayed on different monitors at the same time, supporting up to unlimited channels. ACTi TV Wall helps drive higher operational efficiency and does not let any critical moment go out of sight.
• Deliver the true value of high megapixel cameras
• Support unlimited TV Wall Servers
• Support up to unlimited channels
• Layout: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 25, 35, 36, 48, 49, 64, Custom
• Flexible TV Wall server layout management, adjustable size and position
• Display e-Maps with camera icons and live view
Solution architecture
You can use one or multiple TV Wall servers that are connected to an unlimited number of NVR servers and cameras, all managed by CMS server.

Cloud Media

Cloud Media Services

Cloud / Big Data / Internet of Things
ACTi offers an end-to-end cloud-based intelligent media management systems, covering all the way from security surveillance to business management solutions.
Cloud Media Services for Service Providers , Distributors and Integrators , End Users
In the business arena companies are competing in, a huge amount of data is being generated through its collection in traditional databases and through the connection of devices to the Internet (Internet of Things).
This big data can drive innovation, expand the understanding of a market, and create strong competitive advantages. However, to convert simple data into insightful knowledge, this data needs to be analyzed and filtered. The process of such conversion requires both huge amounts of storage for the data to be hosted in and huge amounts of processing power.
ACTi, as a technology based company, is aware of this necessity. For this reason, it is taking the initiative to offer its new Cloud Media Services platform to generate data of every device involved in your business, store it as you go, and integrate it to later mine-out all those insights that will not only solve your day-to-day business challenges, but also put you in a stronger competitive position.
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