AIR Condition Control Module


AIR Condition Control Module

Easily Monitor the Availability, High Performance, Convenient, COST Saving of electrical devices.

  • The system supports many types of air conditioners such as Window Type , Wall type , Ceiling/floor type , Built-in type , Movable type , Split Type , Water Chiller.
  • Can check the working status of each air conditioner in each building floor zone in real time
  • Control the opening and closing of air conditioners from anywhere & anytime.
  • Supports air control inverter system.
  • Schedule Time to turn on and turn off the air as needed.
  • Can be programmed to automatically switch air conditioning operations in advance.
  • Control the use from inside or outside the place Or abroad via 3G 4G and WiFi Internet
  • Can open and close the air conditioner via the internal network system or the internet network.
  • Showing the status of the air, such as red, is “closed machine”, green is “open machine”
  • Scheduling system that specifies date, month, year and time format.
  • Create an air name, name the room, name the floor, building name.
  • There is a login section of the administrator and the building manager. Can set permissions to use
  • Can group devices by room Building or actual use area
  • There is a notification system on the web page, dashboard or alert to mobile in real time.
  • Support to use via web browser.
  • Support to control the opening of the air conditioner via Smart Phone or tablet. Supports both iOS and Android operating systems via a web browser.
  • The system can import images, a building map or a map to identify the position of the air conditioner. In order to manage the work, can check the air status more easily.
  • Supports database management systems on the cloud and server or virtual machine.
  • Supports time calibration from NTP Server.
  • Support connecting to Authentication with RADIUS Server devices.
  • System users Able to manage system information keep statistics of various notification information. To be used to plan and manage business.
  • Check the history of AC Run Time.
  • View graphs of the status of the air conditioning system.
  • Show the air conditioner that is on and off and ordered from top-ten (1-10)
  • The system can send alarm information or alert via email or line group.
  • Support for Magnetic Contactor Switch devices of any size.
  • The system supports the management of air control from 1 to 5,000 machines on the server system or on the virtual machine system.
  • The system supports connection with Sensor devices, CCTV, Access Control systems or IoT Devices.
  • The system is suitable for air conditioning control within schools, hotels, hospitals, organizations with lots of air conditioners and want to save a lot of electricity.


SAKER Datasheet pdf_30