Barbary Sensor Tag

Temperature Sensor

Barbary Temperature Humidity Sensor

Temperature & humidity sensor without E-screen based on Bluetooth® LE 5.0. It provides up to 3 years of life and up to 200 history records to help users realize data tracking and monitoring with high accuracy. It is an ideal option for cold chain monitoring, warehouse & storage monitoring, or greenhouse monitoring, etc.

How it works


Industrial monitoring

Precise industrial temperature monitoring for a wide range of manufacturing processes and industries, such as the automotive industry, plastics industry, life science industry, and others. Implementing S1, the manufacturers can increase production yield and quality with flexibility for greater control over quality and costs. This reliable sensor can bring about more benefits.

Civil monitoring

The sensor is also available for temperature monitoring in civil environments, such as supermarkets or homes. S1 provides precise and real-time temperature data, allowing users to monitor their environments effectively. If the temperature is out of suitable range, the uses can take action for better life and assets management.

Cold chain logistics

S1 is positively impacting the supply chain, more specifically, the cold chain. compared to traditional temperature monitoring, which has serious verification and reliability flaws, internet-enabled temperature monitors can monitor goods 24/7/365. S1 enables the ongoing monitoring and fast alerts and can support predictive maintenance that ensures perfect transportation.

Environmental protection & metering

S1 can be configured in a specific area to monitor gas temperature and air relative humidity in real-time. Paired with the software developer’s monitoring system software, the information of vegetable greenhouse climate issues, soil layer conditions, crop growth and development, fertilizer application, and equipment operation can be monitored and displayed in real-time.


Bluetooth protocolBLE 5.0
Broadcasting range100m
BatteryAlkaline battery, 1000mAh, 3 years
Built-in sensorTemperature & Humidity

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Light Sensor

Barbary Light Sensor

The Light Sensor with Bluetooth® LE 5.0 can enable asset management & tracking in museums, warehouses or other industries. Also, with the ultrasonic assembling technology, the housing quality is also guaranteed.


Asset management & tracking

With the precise and real-time location, light sensor allows asset management and tracking in various places, such as museums, offices, warehouses, and much more. Integrated with third-party software and platform, sensor helps the user to save much time and effort to locate their wanted items, improving working efficiency and preventing asset losses.


Bluetooth protocolBluetooth® LE 5.0
BatteryCR series button battery, 220mAh
Built-in sensorLight sensor
Transmission range50m

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Asset Tag

Barbary Asset Tag

The Asset Tag with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 tech and accelerometer inside, mostly helps users in different industries to realize asset or inventory tracking. Also, it is easy for users to wear or carry due to its portable design.


Asset tracking

The built-in acceleration sensor allows to be more sensitive in location tracking. For users seeking greater sensitivity, Asset tag is capable of outstanding performance in asset tracking. Real-time location and tracking of asset routes and status can speed up workflow and keep the information as accurate as possible while reducing costs.

Activity monitoring

Remotely monitoring the indoor movement of items and even people is an effective initiative to improve efficiency. Such an application facilitates the analysis of movement traces, as well as the analysis of data and the setting of action goals based on facts. It can be useful in industries such as healthcare, sports, and industry.

Inventory tracking

The warehouse and logistics industry has been continuously automated, and Bluetooth beacons play an important role in this. By deploying beacons on all types of valuable assets, the inventory management process can be optimized, ultimately achieving intelligent receiving, picking, and management.


Bluetooth protocolBluetooth® LE 5.0
Battery1pc CR coin battery, 230mAh, 200days
Built-in sensoraccelerometer
Advertising range60m

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Vibration Sensor

Barbary Vibration Sensor

The vibration sensor is a vibration sensor beacon combining compact design and high precision vibration sensor inside for object monitoring. The sensor vibration sensor leverages Bluetooth® LE 5.0 technology with the nRF52 SoCs and vibration sensor to detect every movement of your asset. By converting the detected vibration signals into relevant numbers, the sensor can deliver safety alerts when installed on any object and place.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L*W*H)36.6*36.6*9.7 mm
Operating Temperature-20~60℃
Net Weight11.1g
Bluetooth ProtocoliBeacon & Eddystone & Sensor Data
ChipnRF52 series
Battery1 pc CR series battery
SensorsVibration Sensor

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Temperature Sensor Display

Barbary Temperature Humidity Sensor Display

Sensor is a high-precision digital thermohygrometer with Bluetooth® LE 5.0. real-time temperature and humidity data can be viewed via an e-ink display screen, and remotely tracked by the cloud for condition management; also, up to 2000 data storage helps users for data recording and analysis. It’s a great device for warehouse, agricultural monitoring and cold chain logistic, etc.


Remote monitoring

The data sent by S3 can be collected and uploaded to the Cloud Platform by the G1 Gateway (offered by Minew). In this way, remote monitoring allows central and efficient management.

Safe and Reliable

With premium battery, wide temperature performance and lower self-discharge rate, the long-term stability is guaranteed.

Everything under Control

Perfect combination for cold chain solution. You can easily access to data through cloud platform.

Technical Data

Dimension81×45×22mm (short probe);1095×45×22mm (long probe)
Operating temperature range-25~60℃
Weight60.5g(Battery included)
Waterproof & DustproofIP66
BatteryLithium battery, 1200mAh, 2years

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Door Sensor

Barbary Door Sensor

Barbary Door Sensor is a door&window sensor with Bluetooth® LE 5.0 technology and a magnetic sensor inside. Users can realize remote door monitoring to ensure asset or stuff security; also, alerts received by admins if disassembled by others, which is usually used in private houses or museums for thief prevention.


Install Easily, Start Immediately

To install by simply peeling off the adhesive on the back of the device and then mount the main body and magnet to the door frame and door respectively.

Instant and Smart Notificaitons

In case of tampering, an alarm siren will be activated and notification will be sent.

Everything under Control

Perfect combination for cold chain solution. You can easily access to data through cloud platform.

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