Barbary Tracking Web App.


Barbary Tracking

Barbary tracking is an HTML5-based service, that enables the visualization of position data of individuals, equipment and assets (hereinafter called “device”) in real time based on different sensor technologies (such as WiFi , BLE , UWB , RFID , LoRa , GPS) connected to the Barbary platform.


  • User groups with rights management
  • Configurable views based on user groups
  • Configurable table and map structures with customer specific properties
  • Visualization of device positions outdoor/indoor on different floor levels
  • Device management and registration independent of asset type and sensor technology
  • Adding and editing of asset properties depending on user right
  • Definable visualization (icon) per device
  • Group management of devices
  • Search function considering different device properties
  • Display of current position data
  • Historical path data per device
  • Activity history per device
  • Support web browser Chrome , Firefox , Safari , Internet Explorer , Edge
  • Interfaces to third-party solutions (e.g. Cisco, HPE Aruba, Xirrus, Ruckus)
  • Web service REST/SOAP

Related services:

Barbary tracking can exchange information bidirectionally with the following services:

  • Analytics
  • Automation Engine
  • Workflow Management
  • Machine Learning

Barbary Impressions:


Customize the system according to customers. We make it simple IoT Development Kit Solution