Barbary Bluetooth Beacon

Card Beacon Tag

Barbary Card Beacon Tag

The Card Beacon Tag fashionable multi-use Card Beacon with Bluetooth® LE 5.0 and a 100m broadcasting transmission range, mostly designed for personnel management, workflow optimization and indoor positioning, etc; also, patients in hospitals or staff in the workplace with C10 can push the panic button for help.

How it works


Personnel management

Can be used to track the presence of the employees in a site location. It could be used for monitoring students in the school or tracking staff in hospitals. Moreover, Can also have the capability to merge with NFC/RFID to meet data communications.

Inventory location & tracking

Easily tagged to items, Enables inventory location and tracking in warehouses, logistics and transportations. With the real-time and reliable data, the inventory managers can get the notice in advance to prepare before the inventory warehousing in. Workflow optimization and data visibility are available.

Asset tracking

Allows asset tracking by being installed on the targeted assets. It can be fastened by its keychain hole or pasted on the assets to make real-time positioning and tracking possible, preventing losses and enhancing working efficiency.

Activity monitoring

Indoor activity monitoring, e.g. in nursing homes or other care facilities is a typical application. Wearing the C10, the location of the care recipients can be monitored in real-time to ensure the length and range of their activities, allowing caregivers to deal with situations where the care recipient has strayed into a dangerous place or stayed in one place for an extended period of time.

Press for help when emergency

The emergency button has been designed to be easy to use in any situation. If the users encounter danger, or in other situations that needed help immediately, they can press the button and the signal would be sent to the Cloud Platform for a response.

Equipped with an RFID tag

It makes an excellent choice for those looking for up-to-the-minute live tracking, such as in tolling, real-time vehicle tracking, supply chain management, race tracking, file management, and access control applications.

Up to 100m advertising distance

C10 offers a long advertising range, which may be preferred on some applications. Also, the long-range communication helps the users cut down the cost of deployment.

Technical Data

Bluetooth protocolBLE 5.0
BatteryLi-MnO2 battery, 800/500mAh(optional)
Battery Lifetime2 years/1.5 years

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Node Long Range Beacon

Barbary Ultra-Long Range Beacon

Barbary Node Ultra-Long Range Beacon a Bluetooth location beacon, is one of our most capable beacons with a super long range and a larger battery capacity than the average. Node has an extremely transmission distance of up to 1,968 ft (600 m) or more (in open areas) at a 125 Kbps setting, and it can be reasonably deployed in public places such as airports and railway stations to manage human traffic and respond to emergency circumstances by cooperating with the Bluetooth® LE gateway. With nRF52833 chip supporting Direction Finding, high-throughput 2 Mbps, Mesh, Thread, and Zigbee protocols, Node can be developed as an ideal device for delivering a wide range of commercial

and industrial applications.

Longer Range. Bigger Battery.


Shopping Habits Analysis & Precision Marketing

Based on the Bluetooth positioning technology and relative software development, users can collect data of customer shopping habits & behaviors for precision marketing. Also, the collected data can help users to adjust the commodity category or display to improve the economic profits.

Information Pushing & Indoor Navigation

Through the reasonable installation of MBM01 in airports, helping passengers save time to find the right boarding gate or proximity shops. Likewise, the admins can push information, such as flight or promotion information, to the user’s mobile phone for message notification and proximity marketing.

Medical Consultation Tracking & Safety Responding

In a general hospital, based on the indoor positioning technology and relative software development, the admin can collect data of daily medical consultation for the reasonable arrangement of medical resources. Also, through the reasonable installation of MBM01 in hospitals, the admin can locate every safe-guard’s positions for fast responding once emergency happening.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L*W*H)72*72*23 mm
Operating Temperature-20 ℃~65 ℃ / -18~50 ℃ (Depend on the battery)
Weight129 g / 153.4 g (Depend on the battery)
MaterialPlastic PC+ABS
Bluetooth ProtocoliBeacon & Eddystone
ChipnRF52833 / nRF52840 (Optional)
BatteryLithium / Alkaline Battery; 10800mAh / 5800mAh
Broadcasting RangeUp to 1,968 ft (600 m)
IP CertifiedIP67 Waterproof & Dustproof
SensorsAccelerometer Optional
Installation MethodsDouble-side adhesive / Screw bracket (Optional)

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Indoor Location Beacon

Barbary Indoor Location Beacon

Equipped with Bluetooth® LE 5.0, ABS material, special design, and up to 6 years life with replaceable battery, i10 is mainly designed for location and marketing. Users can quickly achieve asset positioning and real-time sending of promotional information. Also, up to 200m transmission range can help users realize the wider range of location tracking.

Typical Applications


Durable in various applications

Almost the longest-lasting battery-powered Bluetooth beacon, Beacon with replaceable battery provides reliable services in terms of reducing maintenance and deployment costs for enterprises.

High security with anti-malicious connection

Features with anti-malicious connection, helping users from privacy violation as the widespread of IoT applications.

Strong compatibility

Beacon can support both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols for flexible deployment, and also supports Android or iOS systems for different mobile devices

Flexible installation

Double-side adhesives or screws installation is available. Can be easily fixed with adhesives or screws anywhere. Also, the screw ports in different orientations can enhance the product flexibility according to the actual situations.

Technical Data

Weight56.0g(Battery included)
BatteryAA battery 2900mAh capacity / Lithium battery 5400mAh capacity
Battery Lifetime6 years
Bluetooth protocolBLE 5.0

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Indoor Location Beacon

Barbary Road Stud Beacon

We’re upgrading the Road Stud Beacon. Stay tuned!



Parking lots tracking

With i11 installed on the vehicle, the parking lot management can be optimized. By locating and tracking vehicles, the presence, status, and quantity of vehicles can be viewed on the Cloud platform, making it effortless for managers to implement reasonable management strategies and enhance work efficiency based on real-time data.

Indoor locating

The durability of i11 also allows it to be used in many tough indoor environments to locate and track assets. Highly rated for waterproof and shockproof, i11 offers high performance while minimizing replacement costs to help users maximize benefits.

Asset tracking

i11 can be used for asset management in indoor environments such as warehouses, office buildings, large shopping malls, and other locations. Moreover, because of its durability, it is particularly suitable for use in the heavy industry, meeting the specific requirements of heavy machinery assets in terms of location beacons.


Weight140.0g(Battery included)
Bluetooth protocolBLE 5.0
Battery1pc Lithium battery, 2700mAh, 3 years
Broadcasting range30m (Open area) / 80m (Hang in the air)

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Ultra-Thin Tag

Barbary Ultra-thin Tag

The Barbary Ultra-thin Tag is an ultra-thin beacon with ARM core chipset nRF51series and Bluetooth® LE 5.0 technology, it is designed for commercial advertising, asset tracking, indoor location-based service and personal electronic sticker.

Exhibition Management Assistant

Under the reasonable deployment of Ultra-thin Tag, the attendees in an exhibition are able to check in with ease. Additionally, in a large exhibition hall, Can effortlessly assist you to plan an optimized route to a definite booth you’re looking for, saving time cost to a certain extent. Moreover, from the perspective of sponsors or exhibition managers, data on the interest of attendees is close at hand, thereby, knowing attendees better, knowing promotion deeper.


Asset tracking

Our i6 also helps the logistics industry to make big renovations. Using Bluetooth low-power beacons, the location of important objects can be monitored in real-time. That way, you can know where your precious objects are and where they’ve gone before they reach you. Beacon applications in the logistics industry can ensure the safety of your items and are a valuable long-term option for the transportation of valuable items, such as documents and vaccines.

Commercial advertising

In smart retails, low-power Bluetooth beacons can optimize promotional models and build digital bridges between stores and customers. Based on the customer’s real-time location and the application software developed by the software developer, the store can send the current new products and hot items to the customer’s cell phone, triggering the customer’s desire to buy.

Personnel management

The ultra-slim hardware design makes the i6 a perfect fit for a variety of occasions. As an example, the i6 can function excellently in the location and tracking of people. By transmitting real-time positioning signals, i6 helps various workplaces and other scenarios to achieve personnel management, optimize space utilization and improve work efficiency based on the location of personnel.


Weight4.5g(Battery included)
Bluetooth protocolBluetooth® LE 5.0
BatteryCR series button battery, 90mAh
Battery Life3 months
Transmission range50m

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