Electrical & Lighting Control Module


Electrical & Lighting Control Module

Easily Monitor the Availability, High Performance, Convenient, COST Saving of electrical devices.

SAKER Building Management Software Feature : Designed for corporate customers who want to manage and control intelligent electrical systems. Intelligent community or intelligent building Hotel or Intelligent Hospital. The design of the work link system is easy through the program by the user. Without having to take the service provider.

Saker BMS

  • Control the operation of electrical equipment, convenient and fast to use.
  • Can control the operation of the device at the same time more convenient to control multiple devices.
  • Smart Building Automation Control electrical equipment anywhere & anytime all systems in one program.
  • Control of opening and closing electrical devices inside the house in many types of buildings.
  • Set working time Automatic system design of various electrical appliances
  • Control and monitor the operation of electrical appliances plugs
  • Supports dimmer switches used to control the opening, closing, lighting Via the application Can adjust the brightness of the light Supports scheduling Automatic order system And instruction set management
  • Check the on-off status of the device from anywhere.
  • Control the opening of electrical equipment from the central control center.
  • Convenient with the work scheduling system, Can set the working time of various devices
  • Control the use from inside or outside the place Or abroad via 3G 4G and WiFi Internet
  • Support integration with Sensor Devices , Lighting & Light brightness , Air Conditioning , Access Control , CCTV , Fire Alarm , Gas Leakage , Automatic curtain system , Open the water valve Or ventilation fan, Scene Control , Network & Security system.
  • Can group devices by room Building or actual use area.
  • Control operation via mobile phone or tablet pc.
  • Support to use via web browser.
  • Support for Magnetic Contactor Switch devices of any size.
  • Can be integrate to work with motion sensors to automatically turn off the lights when someone passes by Or linked to the light sensor to automatically turn off the light according to the intensity of light Used to create intelligent lighting systems that provide convenience and energy saving
  • Support integration with SMART Automation devices.
  • There is a team of experts to consult, check, fix the system throughout the warranty.

SAKER Building Management Software License:

  • SBM-STARTER-50 : Starter License support up to 50 devices.
  • SBM-ADD-50 : Additional License support up to 50 devices.
  • SBM-ADD-100 : Additional License support up to 100 devices.
  • SBM-ADD-500 : Additional License support up to 500 devices.
  • Over 500 devices : Please contact sale@falco.co.th

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