Nutanix Enterprise Cloud: Go Beyond Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Nutanix makes datacenter infrastructure invisible by delivering an Enterprise Cloud that enables IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.


IT organizations are in a state of transition as they modernize legacy infrastructure, tools and processes to keep pace with business demands.

  • While public clouds promise instant value, they are not ideal for all use cases and are often too expensive in the long run.
  • IT leaders are looking for a hybrid cloud solution that combines the simplicity and scale that public cloud offers.

Nutanix bridges the efficiency and performance gaps between enterprise datacenters and public clouds.

  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud drives faster time-to-market for important IT initiatives, delivering benefits that were once only possible with public clouds.
  • It provides native hybrid cloud capabilities so businesses can leverage on-premises infrastructure for predictable, mission-critical applications and use public clouds for more elastic and unpredictable workloads.
  • With a single click, IT managers can migrate workloads and business data seamlessly across different cloud environments.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud goes beyond hyperconverged infrastructure.

Nutanix leverages a hybrid delivery model to capitalize on public cloud advantages while retaining the security and control of private datacenters. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud integrates server, storage, virtualization and networking in a hyperconverged platform to run any workload, at any scale, while removing the complexity of legacy infrastructure. Deploy as a turnkey appliance or as software on leading servers.


What Is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

The growing demands of enterprise applications and the fast pace of modern business threaten to put legacy IT design — with separate storage, storage networks and servers — at risk of failure. The silos created by traditional datacenter infrastructure often present barriers to change and progress, adding complexity to every step from ordering to deployment to management.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Simplifies Datacenter Operations


Hyperconverged infrastructure streamlines the deployment, management and scaling of datacenter resources by combining x86-based server and storage resources with intelligent software in a turnkey software-defined solution. Separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacenter that easily scales with your business.

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