Intelligent Video Analytic Solution

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  • Face Detection : Detects the presence of people in specific target areas as event triggers.
  • Age and Gender Detection : Detects the age and gender of people for demographic purposes or event triggers.
  • Face Recognition : Recognizes and identifies faces of people.
  • Emotion Detection : Detects the emotion on people’s faces to improve customer support services or prevent disturbing situations.

IVS Introduction

Video analytics are designed to help you transform your video surveillance network into a smart detection system and a valuable resource for business management. Advanced image processing algorithms, such as, people counting or license plate recognition, are being used to recognize and track movement of people and objects to determine their behavior and provide analytical insights. The summary reports can then be displayed as interactive graphs and exported. The system can also trigger other network devices such as alarms, electric gates or digital boards.

  • Line Crossing
  • Enter Area
  • Missing Object
  • Untended Object
  • Tamper
  • People Counting
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition

The unique video analysis technology developed by ACTi can power not only dedicated analytic servers but also network video recorders (NVR) and intelligent cameras. Different solutions are recommended for distinct situations:
  • Dedicated analytics server – when analyzing large number of channels, using sophisticated algorithms, or using NVR without built-in analytics. Learn more
  • NVR with built-in analytics – when analyzing few channels or using limited range of algorithms. Learn more
  • Intelligent cameras with built-in analytics – when analyzing single camera view or using VMS without built-in analytics (also supports third-party). Learn more

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