Customize the monitoring system according to customers.

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Easily Monitor the Availability & Performance of network devices. 

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  • Performance and availability monitoring.
  • Agentless monitoring.
  • Centralized management system through the network from the center to branch.
  • Integrated database, mail server, and web server.
  • Support common web browser for the web interface.
  • System support management display status on web browser.
  • Powerful interactive web interface.
  • Alerts network up-down devices.
  • Monitor the device such as the status of the device (UP or DOWN).
  • Designed for small or medium or large sized networks.
  • Support system administrator and user login with Username and Password to log in to ensure data security.
  • Support for all common protocols (SNMP, ICMP, HTTP, SSH, FTP, SMTP, POP3)
  • Supports monitoring devices with IP, MAC Address, Hostname.
  • Monitoring of hardware, software, virtual environments and applications.
  • The system can set the NTP (Network Time Protocol) time to the device.
  • Specify the coordinates of the device in a map format on Google Map.
  • Monitoring Trunked Radio (Fix and Mobile).
  • Integrated reporting engine with delivery as HTML, CSV , Excel.
  • Customizable reports support HTML.
  • Summarize the report status of the monitored device. According to the specified date or year.
  • Support system administrator and user login with Username and Password to log in to ensure data security.
  • Windows client for viewing in one dashboard.laggar nms
  • Detailed log files about all activities and results.
  • History monitoring data stored in original intervals.
  • Event log and History log monitoring.
  • Search History Log according to the information of the destination station.
  • History log report by day-month-year Desired.
  • Export reports of UP-Down device status in CSV or Excel format.
  • Various notification methods (email, SMS, push notifications HTTP request, script, syslog, etc.)
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows Server Standard Edition or VMware ESX versions 5.0 , 6.0 or VMware ESXi versions 5.0 , 6.0
  • The system supports Apache Web Server.
  • The Database supports MySQL DB.
  • The system can support events per seconds for up to 10,000 eps.
  • The system supports storing status information of various Event Log devices for not less than 90 days.
  • Get started with 100 sensors and support to 1000 sensors devices.
  • All features included in every license, no add-ons, no modules.
  • Support in-house by network engineers and developers.

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