Develop a notification system.

Develop a notification system : Emergency RTP 191 , Crime System , Disaster Alert System , Fraud Complaints System , Governance System , Hotline System etc..


  • Support integrate to Existing Call Center System.
  • Can develop and extend to the IP Contact Center System.
  • Can develop code to connect with customer hardware , customer system , existing system.
  • Can retrieve data from the existing system for analyze.
  • Can work with Mitel , Cisco , Alcatel , Avaya , NEC , Forth , Panasonic , Huawei , Microsoft , SIP Server , Voice GW , Soft Phone System , IP Contact Center….etc….
  • Support web browser and display on smart phone
  • Web Application notifications system.
  • Flexible system because it is a web application.
  • Map development specify the coordinates of the devices.
  • Support login system for user’s security.
  • Support user group access permissions.
  • Easy to management the original and new database.
  • Can work with the existing network , network and security devices, intranet and internet customer system.
  • System support recording and display for Thai or Others language.
  • Dashboard page can display the latest alert notifications.
  • Email and Line Group alert system.
  • Display in graph , table format.
  • Easy create report, filter report, customize report.
  • Export pdf or csv file.
  • Integrate with network devices or links for monitor traffic utilization or system devices up-down.
  • Guaranteed software throughput the contract period.
  • Consult the scope of the system :